"It is never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot

          This is one of my favorite quotes, and if you follow me @affirmationsgiftshop or on my author social media pages @tiffanygmedia it will become apparent VERY quickly.

          I believe with my whole heart that if you have a dream in your heart- something that you have not been able to shake for a very long time (especially since childhood)- then you NEED to go after it once and for all with your whole heart. Life is short and you only get one. And nobody’s getting any younger. So if there is something that has been nagging at your spirit for you to do, to accomplish or to experience in your lifetime, then you have to figure out what you need to do to make it a reality. And I mean ASAP.

          You may never make a living- or even a half-living doing it (many of the most famous creators in history never saw financial success in their lifetimes) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth pursuing,

          You were created for a purpose. With skills, talents, and passions that are unique to you and your unique vision. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to get there or how many years you wasted denying yourself of your inner truth.

          You need to go for it right now with your whole heart.

          Something that is often easier said than done. But I am still saying it.

          Because I’ve been there and I know the pain of a tortured, unfulfilled soul.

          But no more! Not in 2021.

          I am personally in the process of completing writing a couple of books to encourage people titled "Better Late Than Never", "The Self-Affirmations Workbook" and the creative non-fiction novel based on my time living in Nashville TN "Living With Models". As well as a couple musical plays that I intend to film in the future to reach more people with it's positive messages: "Retail! the musical" and "Love & Loathing in Nashvegas". And they are only the beginning! 

          I am more focused than ever to accomplish the dreams and vision in my heart (more details coming in future blog posts).

          I’m getting back to ME and the dreams of my heart. This Affirmations Gift Shop is just a piece of that. I still have many inspirational books, musical plays, films, and other positive media that I feel called to write, create, produce, and sell before I leave this earth. This online store is only a portion of that. And I am determined to continue creating and selling new products that will speak positivity and creativity into you and the lives of anyone who encounters it.

          If there’s a certain kind of product, book, or multimedia that you would like to see produced in the near future to encourage you and those around you then please don’t be shy to message me about it. I will think about ways to bring it to fruition and use it to empower others like you and me. Please message me at admin@AffirmationsGiftShop.com or message me on our social media pages @affirmationsgiftshop.

          I have many great projects that I’m working on that are a fulfillment of lifelong dreams that I pray will encourage, inspire, and empower other people. So please continue to follow me here on this website, on my social media pages, and by purchasing positive merchandise from our online store and at our pop-up shops and events in the future.

          XOXO Tiffany Grand @affirmationsgiftshop. 

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